On Tuesday, November 21, 2006, we held eNovember WA-JO (mutual given) Peace Forumf in a shrine office of Izumo Taisha Shrine. We invited Dr. Michio Kushi and the Israel ambassador to Japan, Mr. Eli Cohen as lecturers.

Dr. Michio Kushi lectured on "A Way to World Peace through Meals".Mr.@El Cohen lectured on "The Middle Eastern Peace and Expectation to Japan-Izumo".

Thank you very much for taking part in the forum, which had about 100 participants including 4 special visitors from Korea and those from Tokyo, Kyushu, etc.

Dr. Michio Kushi and the Israel ambassador to Japan, Mr. Eli Cohen worshiped main shrine in Izumo Taisha sharine under the guidance of big shrine chief priest before they lectured.

In the forum, special guests big shrine chief priest in Taisha sharine, Mr.Ejima (Chairperson at federation of Japanese public speaking society) and etc greeted. President Komatsu had speech at the

Before the lecture, Dr. Kushi and Mr. Cohen worshiped the main shrine of Izumo Taisha under the guidance of big shrine chief priest, Mr. Ejima, who greeted participants in the forum.

Mr. Komatsu, the chief manager of HNS, also made a speech at the beginning of the forum.

Participants, longing for eternal human peace, made Izumo Declaration of "WA-JO", which was announced after the lectures by Dr. Kushi and Mr. Cohen.

Before the lecture, Dr. Kushi and Mr. Cohen worshiped the main shrine of Izumo Taisha under the guidance of big shrine chief priest. The priest and a guest, Mr. Ejima (a chairman at the federation of Japanese debating society) greeted the forum.

Planners of the forum, longing for eternal human peace, made Izumo Declaration of "WA-JO", which was announced to participants after the lectures by Dr. Kushi and Mr. Cohen.

The action to peace-environment-health by our Human, Nature, Science Institute is supported by a number of domestic and foreign volunteers.

Schedule of forum

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November 21, 2006

Mutual Given@|
November Peace Forum



Greeting of a Sponsor

Greeting of Guests

Speech Subject

The Road to World Peace through Food

Dr. Michio Kuji

  Speech Subject

Peace of the Middle East and Hope to Izumo, Japan

The Israel Ambassador to Japan

Mr. Eli Cohen

Declaration of WA-JO Peace Forum



This time, we hold eNovember WA-JO (mutual given) Peace Forumf in the Izumo Shrine.

We call in, as lecturers, Dr. Michio Kuji, who is a world authority on macrobiotics of which 4 million people all over the world put into practice of peace activities through food, and the Israel ambassador to Japan, Mr. Eli Cohen, who is an authority on Japanese culture, having a hard time in the most heated dispute area in the world.

Japan has a long-term peaceful history of 350 years in Heian Period and 250 years in Edo Period, which is unusually in the world.

I think that the origin of this peaceful history exists in Izumo which produced the culture of WA-JO which meant mutual-given.

I regard it as eheavenly timef that the Secretary-General of the United Nations was chosen from the Korean and the nuclear test was carried out in North Korea. With this forum as a start, I wish to begin the new WA-JO peace learning and peace business, from Izumo which is on the opposite side of the KoreanPeninsula.

We have begun to edit ethe Collection of Chinese Classical Wise Sayingf about peace, environment and health, translated into four languages (Japanese, Chinese, English and Korean), trying to publish it by the Beijing Olympics in order to promote this business.

We appreciate your participation in this historical starting ceremony.

HNS institute foundation

PresidentAkio Komats

WA-JO Peace Forum
Declaration in Izumo

66 hundred million human races are living on this beautiful planet of water.

Japanese people have been living peaceful lives as members in the country of longevity under the cold war of east and west.

On the other hand, the fact is that many people live in fears of poverty and hunger caused by wars.

Modern science and technology culture gives us comfortable lives, but, at the same time, it gives us a thread of nuclear war, destruction of an ecosystem and anti-humanization.

In order to overcome this crisis, we hold eWA-JO Peace Forumf, gathering interested persons from in and outside Japan, on the land of Izumo which is said to the cradle of Japan.

We, who take part in this forum, long for eternal human peace and make Izumo Declaration of eWA-JOf as follows:

1. WA-JO peace learning and the study of peace symbol tower

We will develop the spirit of WA-JO of the Izumo Shrine and will study WA-JO peace learning and building of the peace symbol tower in which the war dead in the world will be recorded.

2. Study of the history memorial hall of war and peace in the world by pictures

In order to create symbiosis culture first in the world, we will study environmental maintenance for broadcasting pictures of the peace and war memorial halls in the world to the whole country and will study linking of the memorial halls of each country and motivation to visit them.

3. Study of environment and health by high technology

In order to turn a misfortune into a blessing, we will study new agriculture, fishery and sewer technology by microbe and IT technology, revival of the earth and fishing grounds, the circulation system of agriculture and fishery, food of high immunity power and fermenting processed food, in the areas of Nakaumi and Shinji Lake where contamination is getting worse.

November 21, 2006


Photograph in forum

M. Mithio Kushi is being lectured.

Mr. Eli Cohe is being lectured.

Mr. Akio komatsu is being lectured.

The great shrine chief clergy in the temple are being lectured.

In Izumo taisya

In Izumo taisya

The Izumo taisya main shrine is visited.

Mr. ejima is greeting it.

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